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4-Port Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hub
Model# USBH-204

    • Compliant with USB 2.0 and 1.1 
    • 480Mbps data transfer rate
    • Connect up to 127 USB devices through daisy-chain
    • 100% Plug and Play
    • Over-Current Protection


ConnectGear's USBH-204 is a 4 port high speed USB2.0 hub equipped with 4 downstream ports (device ports) for connection to USB peripherals and 1 upstream port for connection to your computer's USB port.  Additional USB peripherals can be connected through more USBH-204 hubs in a daisy-chained configuration.  

With its 480Mbps bandwidth (exceeding that of 400Mbps bandwidth from the IEEE 1394 firewire devices), USBH-204 is ideal for use with devices such as external storage devices, scanners, printers, DVD drives, CD-RW drivers, MO drives, digital cameras and camcorders etc. that consume a great deal of bandwidth.

USBH-204 is fully backward compatible with USB Revision 1.1 products, meaning your previously invested USB 1.1 devices can continue to function flawlessly with this hub.  

USBH-204 allows connection up to a maximum of 127 USB devices through cascading multiple hubs. 

Included with full-specification switching power adapter, USBH-204 can supply a maximum of 500mA power to each downstream port which guarantees sufficient power to any high power consumption USB devices such as scanners and digital cameras.  An unique over-current protection is built on each port to prevent downstream device attempts to draw more than 500mA.


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