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4-Port USB Hub
Model# USBH-004

    • Fastest Way to Connect USB Peripherals
    • 100% Plug and Play
    • Support high & low power devices
    • Over-Current Protection


ConnectGear's USB Hubs truly bring the Plug-and-Play Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection to your computer.  It's 100% compliant with USB standards, optimized for Windows 98 & MacOS and ready to run right out of the box.  You can plug in and use any USB peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, modem, printer, scanner, and digital camera in seconds.

USB architecture supports up to 127 different devices running at speed from 1.5 Megabits (low speed) to 12 Megabits (high speed).  With the bus speed running at 12 Megabits per second, you can take the full advantage of the high-speed USB peripherals like scanners and digital cameras with ConnectGear's USB Hubs.

ConnectGear's USBH-004 has 4 downstream ports (device ports) for connection to USB peripherals and 1 upstream port for connection to your computer's USB port.  Additional USB peripherals can be connected through more USB Hubs in a daisy-chained configuration.

Included with full-specification 2.1A power adapter, ConnectGear's USB Hubs can supply a maximum of 500mA power to each downstream port which guarantees sufficient power to any high power consumption USB devices such as scanners and digital cameras.  An unique over-current protection is built on each port to prevent downstream device attempts to draw more than 500mA

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